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Hey everyone, thanks for visiting my site. My name is Aliyah and I am thrilled to share my journey with everyone about being a women, a wife, and a mom, a homemaker, a homeschool mama, etc… Now you are probably thinking “not another website about moms.” And you are right. This is another website about moms; it is also a site about God first, family and everything else that is edifying. We all have a story to tell and a journey share and we can all learn from each other. My hope for this blog is to inspire, encourage and for God to receive all glory. I say lets flood the internet with things that are positive, edifying, true and the Gospel of Jesus!

A little background: I am a child of God first, a wife and momma of two boys who I homeschool. But before I my second son I worked as an Interior Designer at a high end firm and it was an absolutely blessing to work with such talented people. Once I realized that I was pregnant with my second son I decided not to be a working mom but by the grace of God stay home and be a homemaker, to serve God by serving my family. Which is why I call proudly call myself a Servant 🙂

Romans 12:2 “And be not conformed to this world…”


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