Life of A Servant…Blog Intro

So, I have been running from the idea of starting  a blog again. Why? Well, there are too many reasons to list but if I had to choose two it would be, time & consistency. I won’t bore you with why I stop but hopefully inspire you with why I chose to start again.

The first reason is, I am a woman. Haha! And I have so many thoughts, ideas and plans, running through my head. And I just want to get them out (me yelling). As I journey through life, I want to share. Why? I want to share because I appreciate when other people share. I spend lots of time on the internet like most people and I often sign off feeling inspired and motivated. I am not a writer, and I have poor grammar but I do have a desire to share my life.

Second, my life is not my own, it belongs to God because of Jesus my Savior, who sacrificed His life so I can be in a personal relationship with the Creator. My relationship with God has inspired me to live a life bringing glory to HIM and to be a blessing to all of His creation, for His name sake. I hope my sharing will be a blessing as I am blessed by so many bloggers.

So this is my life, a woman, a wife, a mother, a homemaker, a, homeschool mama, a servant.

Life as a servant.


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