Life of Servant…serving God & others

Some people may read the name of this blog “Life of Servant” and wonder what it is all about. Why do I proudly call myself a servant. So I thought I would explain a little. ūüôā

When we think of the word servant, some people may initially have a negative perspective about the word. I believe it can go both ways, and since we know so much about the negative of side I thought I would share some positivity on how I see myself as a servant.

Servant: one devoted to another or to a cause

I was created to worship and to serve. Period. Who I choose to worship and serve is my choice, but I will (by default) worship and serve something or someone. And if you did not know by now, I choose to worship and serve the Lord.

What does this mean and what does this look like? Well, it will mean and look different for everyone.

We were designed this way, whether you agree or not. If you look at your life and reflect, you will begin to see things and people, you worship and serve. It could be your job, family, money, church, people, stuff, etc.

How do I serve the Lord?

Well, I serve in many ways; I serve my husband, my children, my home and different ministries in and out of the church. The center of it all, the core or the heart, is that I do everything unto the Lord. This is not my “job” this is my devotion to Adonai/the Lord. It is a great privilege to be able to serve the Lord and the “fruit” from serving, overflows in my life in so many ways. I am truly blessed to be used for His glory and to make His name great, so others can see ¬†and know who God is.

Being Adonai’s servant gives me the opportunity to reveal His character. ¬†How do I do this? I surrender my wants and desires and allow Him to direct my day, giving me the wisdom so I know who and what I should serve. Calling myself a servant, keeps me humble and takes the focus off of me and helps me to see, it is not about me. We live in a very “Me” centric world and this causes a lot of people to be driven my selfish actions. It is not easy for me to be a servant and I struggle A Lot! Which is why I need a savior to help me be all that He created me to be and do.

Ever since I choose to be a servant, I felt liberated and free from the bondages of the world. I started  to see my purpose and this brings me joy and happiness which is not defined by the world.


How and what do you serve?

Life of a servant.



Come now…I will be with you


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Hey Everyone!

So as I mentioned on my other post, I am blogging through the bible along with Women Living Well(WLW)/Good Morning Girls(GMG), I am also using the Soak Method.¬†Today on WLW website Courtney wrote about Exodus chapters 1 & 2 “Be Brave” which was ¬†huge blessing.

This post is going to reference chapters 3 .

Moses has now been in Midian for a number of years. He has married and had children. And the Lord begins to call Moses out from his “new” life in a land, to go back to Egypt to fulfill God’s great mission. The Lord captures Moses attention by coming down and revealing Himself through a burning bush not consumed by the fire and verses 5 & 6 reveal the holiness of the Lord. I believe at that moment the Spirit of the Lord captured Moses’ heart. The following verses 7-9 show us the mercy of God and His plan to deliver His chosen people and He invites Moses to partner with Him to fulfill Moses’ destiny.

In verse 10 the words “Come now,” stirred within my spirit. I can imagine Moses first interaction with God Almighty/El Shaddai, commanding Moses to join Him. What an awesome experience! That God would call us and invites us to join Him. Now we know Moses already had a heart to help his people and we see this when he killed the Egyptian. However, he responded in the wrong way. In fact, he did not know how to respond. He knew he wanted to do something but didn’t know what to do or how to do it. In chapter 3 we see how God has revealed Himself and will now teach Moses how to help his people and to trust Him.

How often do we respond to a situation with the right intentions but the wrong way. We move so quickly, and jump at the first sign of what appears to be the right opportunity and fail. This chapter has revealed so much to me about myself and how much I need a Savior! I know God has put certain desires within me and I need Him to show me the what, the how, the who, and the when.

When Jesus came into this world one of His messages was “Follow Me” (Mark 1:17) the same as “Come now”. He wants us to come unto Him and partner with Him to bring reconciliation between the Father and His creation. Awesome!

Moses recognized his short comings and his response to God would even suggest he was a bit scared or nervous. I mean, after all, he was, about to deliver the Israelites from out of Egypt. And He knew he would need God and God gave Him the assurance and courage to fulfill the calling on his life. God says to Moses, “I will certainly be with you.”

Jesus said, “Follow me,” and He also said he would send a “Comforter/Helper” in John 14. The same as “I will certainly be with you”. The mission we as Christians have is great, and we like Moses have a lot of short comings. We may even be a bit scared and clueless as to where to begin or how to fulfill this mission. But Jesus encourages us and said He would not leave us to take on this great task to accomplish on our own. In fact, we cannot accomplish this mission or anything else in this life without the Holy Spirit. And the ONLY Way to receive the Holy Spirit is through Jesus Christ. He is the Only Way to the Father! I am blessed to know that God loves me so much, that He would send His only Son, so that I do not have to live in this world alone defeated. To God be all the Glory!

I just love the way the Lord encourages His children! Every time I read His word I am reminded of His love, mercy & grace and also how much I need Him, a Savior, Jesus/Yeshua! I encourage you to experience Jesus through the Word of the Most High God/Elohim!

I desire to serve Him the way He serves me.

Life of a servant ūüôā