Life of Servant…serving God & others

Some people may read the name of this blog “Life of Servant” and wonder what it is all about. Why do I proudly call myself a servant. So I thought I would explain a little. ūüôā

When we think of the word servant, some people may initially have a negative perspective about the word. I believe it can go both ways, and since we know so much about the negative of side I thought I would share some positivity on how I see myself as a servant.

Servant: one devoted to another or to a cause

I was created to worship and to serve. Period. Who I choose to worship and serve is my choice, but I will (by default) worship and serve something or someone. And if you did not know by now, I choose to worship and serve the Lord.

What does this mean and what does this look like? Well, it will mean and look different for everyone.

We were designed this way, whether you agree or not. If you look at your life and reflect, you will begin to see things and people, you worship and serve. It could be your job, family, money, church, people, stuff, etc.

How do I serve the Lord?

Well, I serve in many ways; I serve my husband, my children, my home and different ministries in and out of the church. The center of it all, the core or the heart, is that I do everything unto the Lord. This is not my “job” this is my devotion to Adonai/the Lord. It is a great privilege to be able to serve the Lord and the “fruit” from serving, overflows in my life in so many ways. I am truly blessed to be used for His glory and to make His name great, so others can see ¬†and know who God is.

Being Adonai’s servant gives me the opportunity to reveal His character. ¬†How do I do this? I surrender my wants and desires and allow Him to direct my day, giving me the wisdom so I know who and what I should serve. Calling myself a servant, keeps me humble and takes the focus off of me and helps me to see, it is not about me. We live in a very “Me” centric world and this causes a lot of people to be driven my selfish actions. It is not easy for me to be a servant and I struggle A Lot! Which is why I need a savior to help me be all that He created me to be and do.

Ever since I choose to be a servant, I felt liberated and free from the bondages of the world. I started  to see my purpose and this brings me joy and happiness which is not defined by the world.


How and what do you serve?

Life of a servant.



Getting it straight…

As I started writing this post about the beginning of my relationship with my husband, I had to pull out some paper and call my husband to get the dates & years in order. Haha! (I am terrible with dates). I am so thrilled to share part of my story with you all mainly because I now can get the timing straight!

About a week or so before Nov. 27th 2002, fresh out of High School and fresh into college! My sister introduced me to my now husband. (Long story short, I promise) I knew from our first get together¬†I wanted to date him, that’s it. I had no intentions on getting married mainly because of my parents separation. I thought he was cute and he was definitely my type so, I thought I would date him for a little while (maybe). Well, we hit it off instantly. He always wanted to be around me and I guess I liked that because it was me who asked him to officially be my boyfriend on Nov 27th (this was a funny story, I will have to share how that happened another time).

Fast forward to May 2004, we both decided after attending church for about a year, to dedicate our lives to God by accepting Jesus as our personal Savior. Fast forward again to May 2007, I got down on one knee at a public park and proposed! Yes, you read correctly! Everyone thought I was nuts but I literally put my husband through so much and with me not being the most affectionate person, I knew this would be the best way to really show him how much I love him and how much I wanted to be with him, FOREVER! Of course he was completely shocked, at first and was saying, “No, no, I was going to propose” lol, ¬†but then he said Yes! He knew how difficult it was for me to show affection so he absolutely ¬†appreciated my proposal to him.

Whew! That was a whirlwind (not really). Moving along to August 3rd 2007, we decided to honor God in an untraditional way by getting¬†married at City Hall. It was one of the best days of my life. We intentionally decided to not have “wedding” and we did not want to wait. And I believe God has honored us and He has blessed us tremendously! And we both have not one regret!

Now, please understand this is not a fairytale. We had many challenges (still do) along the way but I am truly grateful to have had a relationship with the Lord first before I got married because God really taught my husband and I what the meaning of marriage is and the covenant between male and female. For this I am forever grateful to Jesus! 7 years of marriage later he still makes me smile.


Thanks for reading! (More marriage post coming soon)

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