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I am now 25 weeks pregnant and yes it is true what they say “every pregnancy is different.” This pregnancy is drastically different, in ever way shape and form. And to throw in being a stay at home, homeschooling mom of two little boys 4 & 5. My world is different. I have been taking some time to adjust, putting things on hold (like my blog) and just focusing on the things that I can do and have the time to do. Just when I think, I have some sort of groove, the tune of my life changes and I have to start all over again. My spirits are up and I am giving myself tons of grace! I am learning how to give myself some realistic goals and if I can go above and beyond one day, then great. But if I just meet that one goal, wonderful. And if don’t accomplish anything I set out to do then there is grace!

I am truly grateful for my relationship with the Lord and learning to lean on Him in this time (and every time) Focusing on my relationship with the Lord has to be #1. So, recently I have been  following along with Good Morning Girls / Women Living Well more consistently, to help keep me accountable. I even started on online Facebook group which had been fabulous. I have been reading more, and taking time to inhale and exhale more. This has been a challenge and like I said before, sometimes I don’t get everything done, and I am ok with that.

At Good Morning Girls online ministry we are on break right and will pick back up in the Fall, however, I like to keep going and encourage my group to do the same. So we are continuing in Psalms. We read the first 20 chapters at the beginning of the summer before we start reading Proverbs and Song of Solomon with GMG. We have picked back up in Psalm starting with chapter 21. Today is day two in chapter 22 and I love idea of going back and forth in Psalms. The way David and some of the other writers write is truly encouraging as most people will agree on. One of the things I like most, is how transparent David is. In all of his low points, challenges, hurts, good news & bad news, he never looses sight of who His God is. Even when it may look like the Lord has left, David without a  doubt knows who God is, The I AM. This motivates me to stay closes to my Creator no matter what my life may look like or how people will treat me.

I encourage everyone to continue to push pass and see pass your current situation and find hope in Jesus.

Thanks for reading!!

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Come now…I will be with you


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Hey Everyone!

So as I mentioned on my other post, I am blogging through the bible along with Women Living Well(WLW)/Good Morning Girls(GMG), I am also using the Soak Method. Today on WLW website Courtney wrote about Exodus chapters 1 & 2 “Be Brave” which was  huge blessing.

This post is going to reference chapters 3 .

Moses has now been in Midian for a number of years. He has married and had children. And the Lord begins to call Moses out from his “new” life in a land, to go back to Egypt to fulfill God’s great mission. The Lord captures Moses attention by coming down and revealing Himself through a burning bush not consumed by the fire and verses 5 & 6 reveal the holiness of the Lord. I believe at that moment the Spirit of the Lord captured Moses’ heart. The following verses 7-9 show us the mercy of God and His plan to deliver His chosen people and He invites Moses to partner with Him to fulfill Moses’ destiny.

In verse 10 the words “Come now,” stirred within my spirit. I can imagine Moses first interaction with God Almighty/El Shaddai, commanding Moses to join Him. What an awesome experience! That God would call us and invites us to join Him. Now we know Moses already had a heart to help his people and we see this when he killed the Egyptian. However, he responded in the wrong way. In fact, he did not know how to respond. He knew he wanted to do something but didn’t know what to do or how to do it. In chapter 3 we see how God has revealed Himself and will now teach Moses how to help his people and to trust Him.

How often do we respond to a situation with the right intentions but the wrong way. We move so quickly, and jump at the first sign of what appears to be the right opportunity and fail. This chapter has revealed so much to me about myself and how much I need a Savior! I know God has put certain desires within me and I need Him to show me the what, the how, the who, and the when.

When Jesus came into this world one of His messages was “Follow Me” (Mark 1:17) the same as “Come now”. He wants us to come unto Him and partner with Him to bring reconciliation between the Father and His creation. Awesome!

Moses recognized his short comings and his response to God would even suggest he was a bit scared or nervous. I mean, after all, he was, about to deliver the Israelites from out of Egypt. And He knew he would need God and God gave Him the assurance and courage to fulfill the calling on his life. God says to Moses, “I will certainly be with you.”

Jesus said, “Follow me,” and He also said he would send a “Comforter/Helper” in John 14. The same as “I will certainly be with you”. The mission we as Christians have is great, and we like Moses have a lot of short comings. We may even be a bit scared and clueless as to where to begin or how to fulfill this mission. But Jesus encourages us and said He would not leave us to take on this great task to accomplish on our own. In fact, we cannot accomplish this mission or anything else in this life without the Holy Spirit. And the ONLY Way to receive the Holy Spirit is through Jesus Christ. He is the Only Way to the Father! I am blessed to know that God loves me so much, that He would send His only Son, so that I do not have to live in this world alone defeated. To God be all the Glory!

I just love the way the Lord encourages His children! Every time I read His word I am reminded of His love, mercy & grace and also how much I need Him, a Savior, Jesus/Yeshua! I encourage you to experience Jesus through the Word of the Most High God/Elohim!

I desire to serve Him the way He serves me.

Life of a servant 🙂

The Book of Exodus

Happy New Year Everyone!


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I am truly grateful for 2014. I have experienced and learned a lot about myself and about the Lord! Yes I am excited about the New Year but and honestly I am excited about everyday! Everyday is new and fresh. When I wake up and see the sun has risen I choose to be grateful. I try and practice to see things through the lens of the Lord, this is not easy but like Mrs. Duggar says “Practice makes progress.” Haha 😉

I would like to share with you a blog I have been following for about 2 -1/2 years now called Women Living Well. I stumbled upon this blog when I was researching about Homeschooling and actually her youtube channel came up and her ministry has been a great addition to my journey as a servant of the Lord. A couple of months ago when I was asking the Lord, what book to read next, He led me to Exodus, however I did not jump in until now (not sure why). I received an email from the blog and saw she was starting the book of Exodus  so, I decided I would follow her “Blog through the bible” as best as I can(maybe this is why I waited 🙂 ). They are reading a chapter a day -Monday thru Friday and I tend to be a little slower when I reading the bible, allowing myself time to study, soak, meditate, discuss, pause and not just “read” it so, I will be probably in up behind but I thought it would be fun to follow along.

Also, I will be reading the “Thru the bible” commentary by J. Vernon McGee (among other study bibles & books). I have had the Exodus commentary for a while but I never read. My husband brought it for himself a few years ago and I asked him about and he said it was great. I started reading and I love it so far. I encourage you to join us in reading the book of Exodus or any book of the bible.

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What book are you reading? Are you reading with a group?

Please post comments or questions below!

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